Every other week GreenMade will be featuring a new vegetable and a number of recipes starring it. This week GreenMade is showcasing the sweet and buttery root vegetable known as a parsnip!


Recipe #1: Parsnip Yam & Apple Juice


I currently work at the East End Food Co-op in Pittsburgh, PA where we have a “free bin” for produce that is not beautiful looking, and because we have such high standards the free produce that I get is usually perfectly good! It might have a bruise, or a tiny spot of mold that needs to be cut off or it may have just been part of a bag that had some bad fruit in it.

Today I got a yam, 2 granny smith apples and a golden delicious apple. I also bought some ginger and parsnips! These turned out to be the perfect ingredients for a delicious early spring/summery juice, packed with flavor!


I juiced the parsnips first to see what parsnip juice would taste like by itself — WAY TOO STRONG. It is definitely a flavoring agent, and can’t be used as a filler like carrots, the cousin of parsnips. I added the apples next, which made it much more bearable and sweet. After adding the yam it tasted really amazing, with a balance of sweet spiciness from the parsnip, and tart from the apples. Finally I added some ginger for the perfect kick.

Sometimes I just throw whatever into my juicer and drink it up regardless of how it tastes, but this time I actually tried to plan out flavor combinations that might work well together. It turned out to be one of the best tasting juices I have ever had!


The parsnip pulp to juice ratio was pretty dramatic. There was maybe 1/4 cup of juice vs. this much pulp for 4 parsnips, but the juice was very potent.


I ended up sprinkling some of the leftover parsnip bits on the pasta that I ate with my dinner, and it added a nice flavor and texture to my somewhat bland spaghetti with marinara sauce.


Final Thoughts:

Because it looks like carrot juice, and parsnip has a sweet hint of carrot flavor, it sort tricks my brain into thinking I am drinking carrot juice, but the flavor is much more potent. And remember — little bit of parsnip goes a long way.


3-4 medium sized parsnips
2-3 (tart) apples
1 yam
1-2 inches of ginger
(optional) a pinch of nutmeg

Cut everything into small pieces and trim the ends off. Juice the softest things first (apples). Add ginger last (more or less to taste). I ended up adding a third apple because the ginger was overpowering. You can also sprinkle nutmeg on top or a sweet spice of your choice. I tried some with my second glass and it was incredible!

Yields about 2 glasses of juice.


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